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Date range 1887-10-19/1888-10-12
Reference code PT/AMGDL/ACGDL/BC/1/00017
Description physical location BC1/17, cx239, prat.40, est.2
Date range 1889-08-18/1890-07-17
Reference code PT/AMGDL/ACGDL/BC/1/00018
Description physical location BC1/18, cx240, prat.40, est.2
Date range 1890-07-21/1891-07-04
Reference code PT/AMGDL/ACGDL/BC/1/00019
Description physical location BC1/19, cx240, prat.40, est.2
Date range 1891-07-04/1891-12-30
Reference code PT/AMGDL/ACGDL/BC/1/00020
Description physical location BC1/20, cx240, prat.40, est.2
Date range 1922-03-14/1924-11-06
Reference code PT/AMGDL/ACGDL/BC/1/00021
Date range 1924-11-06/1925-12-30
Reference code PT/AMGDL/ACGDL/BC/1/00022
Date range 1926-01-04/1926-12-30
Reference code PT/AMGDL/ACGDL/BC/1/00023
Date range 1893-01-03/1893-12-29
Reference code PT/AMGDL/ACGDL/BC/2/00001
Description physical location BC2/1, cx240, prat.40, est.2
Date range 1896-01-03/1896-12-29
Reference code PT/AMGDL/ACGDL/BC/2/00002
Description physical location BC2/2, cx240, prat.40, est.2
Date range 1898-01-03/1898-12-31
Reference code PT/AMGDL/ACGDL/BC/2/00003
Description physical location BC2/3, cx240, prat.40, est.2